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You need answers and a solution that ACTUALLY works.

You feel like you've tried everything - all the diets, detoxes, books, supplements, and even yoga. But you still don't feel like you have any answers about why your digestion is so unhappy!

...And as soon as you start to see results from something, it just as quickly plateaus. So what gives?!

Love Your Gut is a 12-week immersive program that takes a completely different approach to health, looking at not just the digestive tract, but your whole body and life. In this program, you'll discover what actually may behind your complex gut issues, and with my dedicated support, develop a custom plan for a healthy gut.

The program is designed for health-conscious people who are SO over band-aid fixes and NOT having answers and ready to go all-in on addressing their gut health in an accelerated 3-month format. If that's you, read on!

Over the course of 3 months, I will help you:

  • Figure out what may really be at the ROOT of your digestive troubles (via lab testing) and give you practical strategies and tools to support your digestion for the rest of your life. You'll be rockin' better digestion in no time!
  • Fine-tune your approach with three (3) 30-minute one-on-one calls so that everything you learn in the program can be tailored exactly to you and that all of your questions are answered
  • Feel deeply connected to your body and health. The mind-gut connection is REAL and throughout the program, you'll explore what mindsets and emotions may be holding you back and contributing to some of your health concerns so you can face them head-on and move past them for good

I've truly been where you are right now...

...and I know how frustrating, embarrassing, isolating, and difficult having digestive issues can be! In my own health journey recovering from ulcerative colitis, IBS, acid reflux, and leaky gut, I learned what it takes to have a healthy gut. Today, I am a certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and health coach helping clients now do the same.

Here's Exactly What You Get:

  • A 3-month roadmap to digestive wellness. In just three months, you'll learn everything you need to detox your body, restore good digestion, and feel better about yourself inside and out. Each week, new material will be released, guiding you strategically through the gut restoration process.
  • Six 60-minute LIVE group Q&A calls: I believe the people we surround ourselves with is critical as we navigate the emotions and challenges that come with the health journey - and having a safe place to go to for motivation, questions, and support is instrumental to your success in the program.
  • VIP Only: Three 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls: Each month, you’ll get a private session with Kristin where you’ll review your lab results, discuss a customized protocol, learn how to tailor the program to you, and answer any questions you have throughout the entire program.
  • VIP Only: Access to advanced functional lab work: Run the most advanced stool test*, the GI-MAP and have the option to also run a food sensitivity test*. This data will help uncover what's at the root of your chronic digestive health concerns, and with this level of detail, we can tailor a plan specific to YOU! Lab fees are NOT included in the program fee. (Note: Options to run a SIBO breath test and organic acid test are available for an add'l program fee plus lab fee).
  • Complete recipe guide & meal plan: Over 100 chef-approved food and drink recipes that are designed to support gut health. They're spouse-approved and easy to make!
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook group: A sacred place you can go to ask the questions you've been embarrassed to ask anywhere else ("Who else has pooped their pants in public?!"), gain accountability ("I need to quit sugar, can you all help me?!"), and motivation ("I just threw out all the gluten in my house - can you help reassure me I can stick to this?").
  • My top guides, including The Best and Worst Foods for Gut Health: You get access to ALL of my best guides to help you understand digestion at a deeper level and the tools to use to help bring it back into balance.
  • 10% off Therapeutic-Grade Supplements and ANY future Thrive by Food program: All Thrive by Food clients and group members get 10% off my favorite supplements as well as 10% off any future program you join, whether it's a one-one-one program or another group program.
  • BONUS: 8 Done-For-You Protocol Guides (Value: $299): Printable guides to help you address constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, leaky gut, and more.
  • BONUS: Food, Mood, Poop Diary (Value: $29): Just as sounds, you will have access to my favorite type of food journal. During the program, you can track your foods, moods, and poop to uncover hidden clues about your body.

12-Week Program Breakdown:

Love Your Gut is an end-to-end digestion program. You won't have to look any further than this program (I promise) to learn about and address your digestion naturally as well as optimize your sleep, energy, stress, and more. Consider this your go-to program for living an awesome life without any more digestion worries or issues.

Week 0: Getting Started

Hit the ground running with everything you need in this program - guides on what to eat and not to eat, your 3-month recipe guide (optional to follow but highly recommended), and you can start lab testing!

Week 1: Detoxing and Defining YOUR Goals

A health gut begins with a healthy detox capacity, so we'll gently remove anything that is provoking ill gut health and will lovingly add in gut loving goodness. We'll then get crystal clear on your goals so you know exactly why you're here and what you're setting out to accomplish!

Week 2: Gut Function & Dysfunction

Let's demystify what's going on inside that pretty belly of yours by understanding HOW gut dysfunction happens (common triggers and causes) and the best ways to get on the right track - fast!

Week 3: Building the Foundation & Top Gut Healing Foods

Sustainable change is all about practical routines and tips you can built into your day-to-day, so you'll learn my favorite daily routines and hacks to maintain a happy belly so you'll have no doubt you're doing the right thing every day for your self.

Week 4: Done-for-You-Protocols

The long-awaited eight done-for-you protocols will be released this week! These guides cover what to do, eat, and supplement whenever you experience acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, nausea, and more. These tips aren't band-aids, but strategies that will actually help your body recover from theses symptoms so they soon become a thing of the past!

Week 5: Symptoms Spotlight

What is your poop trying to tell you? Is it candida? Gluten? Autoimmunity? Get a deep-dive into these BIG gut health topics to demystify what may be going on inside your body and advanced ways to support your body if you are dealing with any of these.

Week 6: Common Gut Health Triggers

Histamines, FODMAPS, SIBO, alkalinity! All issues many with gut dysfunction deal with, learn what's actually going on inside your body, what caused these issues to come about (there's always a reason and it's important you know it!)

Week 7: Clean Eating Optimization Tips

Eating healthy comes with a lot of stigmas - like it's too expensive or time-consuming. I challenge that! This week, you'll learn how to eat practically on a budget and how to cook AND save time. These strategies are KEY to making everything you learn in this program sustainable.

Week 8: Eating Out, Traveling & the Holidays

Now that you've mastered cooking at home and have made some big changes to your digestion, let's find out how to keep it up when you're on the go or in tricky situations - from holidays to office parties and road trips! Learn my favorite hacks, ways to talk to others about it, and my favorite on-the-go snacks.

Week 9: Detoxing Your Body and Daily Routines

You've successfully detoxed inside your body - now it's time to consider what you're putting ON your body and how that can play a role in poor gut health. Learn how to implement a clean bath & body routine and even hear from a GUEST EXPERT and clean beauty specialist on the ingredients to AVOID so you can reduce the toxic load even more (your gut will be soooo happy about this!

Week 10: The Mind-Gut Connection

The mind-gut connection is real - and we're going to address it head-on. You'll learn the nerve in your body that sends signals from the brain to the gut and how good gut health creates good brain health, and vice versa. You'll be armed with several strategies to shift your mindset for a powerful gut transformation.

Week 11: Improving Sleep and Energy

Poor gut health can lead to bad sleep and low energy - but it's time to put a stop to that! We NEED sleep to heal, so in this week's module, you'll learn how to boost your sleep and daytime energy while optimizing your digestion (but chances are by this point you'll already notice better sleep and energy from diet changes alone!)

Week 12: Program Wrap-Up

Download the program reference guiding which points to the most important parts of the program that you can keep with you for life. Reflect on your journey so far and plan for the future to keep yourself on track!

How would it feel if you finally knew exactly how to have a healthy gut?

What would it be like if you woke up every morning pain-free and full of energy? How awesome would it be if you could gain a better relationship with food? You'll discover the answers to ALL of these questions in just three months. I am SO excited for you. This is the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Your Instructor

Kristin Thomas
Kristin Thomas

I've been exactly where you are right now. Just 8 years ago, I was sick. So sick with an autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis. And I had no idea what I needed to do to feel better. Faced with surgery if my next round of medications didn't work, I decided there had to be some way to feel better.

So, I studied, and studied, and studied to find a way to heal my gut so that I could experience life and love for food again. I went from near-surgery in the ER to off all my medications and in complete remission within 6 months by making the exact changes I'll be showing you throughout this program.

Today, I am a functional health maven certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and I work with determined women who want to find peace with their body, life, and food again.

I help my clients to…

  • Find simple, practical, but powerful ways to live a more balanced life (this is my sweet spot)
  • Fine-tune their digestion, hormones, thyroid, and mind and step into their full power
  • Turn their health challenges into an incredible growth and learning opportunity
  • Enjoy food without feeling deprived or having to spend hours on complex recipes
  • Have a hand to hold during the “bad days” and a cheerleader on the good days (my client say I treat them like they’re my babies!)
  • Cut through the overwhelm and BS of healthy living
  • Help their entire families adopt a healthier way of living
  • Develop deep trust in their own intuition and voice so they can become their own best health advocate and TRUST that they are safe and in control
  • Have TONS of fun along the way!

What Members Are Saying...

"Since finishing the Love Your Gut program, I have had an 80-90% improvement in stomach cramps and honestly, I feel better than I have in a long time!

The program gave me the tools and support that I needed to finally take control of my health and start the process of healing. Thank you, Kristin!"

- Marquita A., former Love Your Gut program member

"As someone who’s been through the exact same highs and lows of a digestive disorder, Kristin was just the right advisor through this whole process! I tried things I’ve never have dreamed of beforehand and am loving it!"

- Julia L., former Love Your Gut program member

"I am SO grateful for the Love Your Gut program because it broadened my awareness about food, helped me pinpoint food sensitivities, and live more consciously.

This program was a big step for me; thank you so much for spreading this important knowledge!”

- Aly C., former Love Your Gut program member

"When I saw Thrive by Food's Love Your Gut Program and got to know more about Kristin's story and history with ulcerative colitis, I knew that this was the investment into my health I needed to make. Little did I know just how much I needed this guidance and support. I now believe I can get well and am so grateful for Kristin's guidance."

- Carly I., former Love Your Gut program member

"The Love Your Gut Program gave me a lot of different tools that I can continue to use to help with inflammation but also to treat my stomach the way it should've been treated years ago. I love the recipes and meal planning which has helped tremendously. With the lifestyle changes I’ve made, I've noticed a huge improvement with my energy and how I all-around feel day to day.

Thank you, Kristin, for providing a program that was able to work around my needs and limitations."

- Alyssa S., former Love Your Gut program member

"Thank you so much for creating this program! I am feeling so great and learned about many things I now can do on a daily basis. I loved how available you were to us and how much care you gave to each of us, almost treating us like we were your babies! You made us feel welcomed and safe and I loved that."

- Jessica C., former Love Your Gut program member

**FAST-ACTION BONUSES: When you enroll, you'll also get access to the following guides:

  • 10 Quick-Action Tips to Boost Digestion Today
  • Food, Mood, Poop Journal
  • Gluten Rescue Guide
  • Sugar & the Gut: How to Train Your Brain to Quit Sugar

Who Should Take the Love Your Gut Program?

This Program Is For You If...

  • You want ANSWERS! You're sick of not knowing what's really going on in that pretty belly of yours
  • You're ready to take control and learn natural ways to manage gut health
  • You’re feeling confused about what to eat
  • You can't go anywhere without knowing where the bathroom is
  • Social situations bring you anxiety because of your gut health
  • You want a better understanding of how to treat your body

I’ll teach you how to become a healthy person in a completely different way. The tools, tactics, and resources in the program are designed to help you live a healthier life, reduce stress, achieve your goals, and learn how to maintain gut health even if you have a crazy schedule.

Here's the truth: If you follow the format of this program, you will succeed.

It’s time to get your energy, digestion, body, and life back by saying goodbye to:

  • Food sensitivities
  • Stomach pains
  • Constipation
  • Leaky gut
  • Toxic pounds
  • Cellulite
  • Brain fog
  • Lethargy and exhaustion and adrenal fatigue

No more confusion.

No more wondering which foods are right for you.

Just a simple, 12-week program delivered straight to your inbox each week!


Want to be 100% sure this program is the right fit for you? I do too! I'm offering FREE 20-minute consultations to help you determine if it's the right next step in your health journey. I know that making an investment in a 12-week program is a big decision, so let's talk if you have any questions!

👉 Book Your 20-Minute Free Consultation Now

Rather just send me a quick email? Email kristin@thrivebyfood.com and I’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as you enroll and ends after 12 weeks. It is a live, guided online course - you decide when you start and we'll guide you the rest of the way.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does 2 years sound? After enrolling, you have access to this course for two full years - across any and all devices you own.
What results can I expect?
Your results are directly correlated to how much effort you put into the program. Since everyone comes into the program in a different stage in their journey, and because we are all complex and amazingly different human beings, I cannot guarantee results, but if you follow the steps I've laid out in this program, and are dedicated to make a change, you will experience exciting change. By the end of the program, you'll have all the know-how and resources to become a life-long health detective and will be well on your way to feeling better - for good.
I've had a really hard time committing to my health in the past. How will this program be different?
This is such a great question. When you're working on your health alone, it can be hard to know which diet is right, how long to stay on it, and what advice and research to believe. Even more, with no accountability or structure, it's so easy to fall off and slip into old habits and beliefs. By joining a group program, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation and offers a ton of accountability, both from myself and other group members. By participating in the Facebook page and tuning into the live Q&A calls, you will always be held accountable and engaged in your actions, which can increase your changes of sticking to your goals for good!
What if I'm traveling for part of the program or unavailable for some of the live calls?
That's okay! This program is done completely online so you won't miss a beat. You will be given access to the program materials via email so you can follow along no matter where you are and at your own pace. So if you are traveling for a week, you can catch up on that week before or after your trip - it's okay! You won't miss a beat :) You will also get lifetime access to all course materials. Each call will be recorded and available to members via email and on the Facebook group afterwards so you can listen at any time.
I'm not in the U.S., can I still join the program?
Yes! The great part about online programs is that anyone can join from anywhere. We will try our best to schedule the weekly live calls during a time that works for a majority of the group, but if you're unable to make some or all of them due to a time zone conflict, they will all be recorded and sent via email and on the Facebook so you won't miss a beat. Note about labs: If you live outside the U.S. or in the states of New York or Rhode Island, we will need to work around specific lab testing guidelines and shipping policies so please contact me so I can set you up with the right testing plan for your location.
Is there a refund policy?
Refunds will be considered within 30 days of purchase and on a case-by-case basis under the following terms. I will only consider refunds for what I call "Action Takers", or those who have participated in the program for a few weeks, read the guides and recipes, participated in the calls and/or Facebook group and given the program a fair shot. As a reminder, this program isn't a miracle pill and isn't magic. Good health takes time, especally if you've been living with bad health for quite some time. What I ask of you, and what your body asks of you, is patience to heal. If after experiencing the program to your fullest you do not feel it's the right fit, contact me within 30 days of purchase. You will forfeit a $75 medical directors fee, which is required to order your lab test as your lab is ordered upon registering. If you have your one-on-one result & recommendations session during the 30 day period to review your lab results, you also will forfeit $150 for that session. Please note that you will not receive your lab results if you cancel within 30 days as often it takes 5 full weeks between when the lab is mailed to you and you receive your test results.
What do the lab tests cost?
The only lab test that is a core part of Love Your Gut is the GI-MAP DNA stool analysis test, which costs $359. This fee is not included in your enrollment cost. You will pay the lab directly when you mail in your lab kit. Some insurance companies may cover or reimburse part of the fee. P ayment can be made with an HSA account or debit/credit card. If you are interested in running other tests, prices vary test-to-test. You can opt to run a food sensitivity test ($335) or SIBO breath test ($149).
What do the protocol supplements typically cost?
Supplement costs vary a lot depending on your specific lab results. You will only need to be on them for 1-3 months depending on the specifics of your lab test, so it’s a short-term investment for a long-term gain.
Do I have to run the lab test?
No, but the findings of the test(s) is what makes this program entirely unique and useful. Often times just by seeing on paper what correlates with your symptoms is enough to plunge you forward in your health journey. But if you would rather just try the recipes, tools, and participate in live and online discussions, I’d love to have you and you will certainly gain a lot!
Can I do this program if I am pregnant or nursing?
Yes, but we will not run lab tests or supplement protocols for you. I do not recommend supplements be used while pregnant or nursing as they can stir up toxins that aren’t good for baby, so if you want to join but are pregnant or nursing, contact me (kristin@thrivebyfood.com) and I will send you a separate registration link at a discounted rate (minus the medical director program fee required to run lab tests).
My family/significant other thinks we can't afford it. What should I do?
I offer a 3-month payment plan if you cannot pay in full upfront. Also, think about it this way: during the program, you may start cutting back on eating out, having desserts and going on coffee runs, and even cancelling some subscriptions as you find more natural ways to live and eat that make you feel good. Think of all the money you've spent to date on supplements that didn't work, diets that flopped and doctor visits that still left you with a handful of questions. I realized I myself spent thousands of dollars on my own trial-and-error before I finally took control of my own health through a group coaching program that was far more affordable than what I was doing before. So, approach this program practically: the money you will save will likely far outweigh the cost of the program. And these cost-savings can continue on far beyond the program itself. You'll only be spending money on food and supplements that truly make you feel good, optimizing your grocery budget and other budgets.
Do I need to have a Facebook page to be a part of the group?
Facebook isn't required to join, but I do feel that the private Facebook group is an incredible resource. Having a whole group to lean on for motivation and support can be instrumental in the process, however in our weekly calls this is also a great place to gain support, accountability, and ask questions so be sure to tune into those as much as you can!

When you invest in your own gut health by joining the Love Your Gut program, you're also helping to build better health for your friends, family, colleagues, and community. You're also supporting Thrive by Food's continued research efforts to bring the latest and most effective digestive health coaching and protocols.

Get started now!